Understand Concept of Electric Bike Design & Development through Retrofitting Technology, Be capable of confidently applying ideas related to Electric Bike Design & Development. Understand and Execute Industrial practical approach for Vehicle Design & Development. Complete CAD Model with CAE Analysis. Simulations of each system & subsystem. Complete Assembly & Disassembly of Electric Bike Project according to Safety norms. ISIEINDIA | Electric bike design course,e bike design crash course,ebike design crash course

Master Course: Electric Bike Design and Development

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The electric-bike market is hotting up: Numerous players are hoping to conquer the road. But pricing and getting suppliers are among the challenges ahead Is there room for 50 players in India’s still very nascent electric two-wheeler industry? The answer’s certainly no. But that isn’t stopping entrepreneurs from driving ahead with their dreams-on-wheels. Many are young engineers who’ve designed an engine and see the opportunity to turn it a roadworthy vehicle. Others are corporate players who’ve spied a market gap that could be filled by CKD kit imports from China assembled here.

Industry Report:

India electric two wheeler market stood at around $ 27 million in 2017 and is forecast to grow at a CAGR of over 41% to reach $ 200 million by 2023, on account of growing need to curb air pollution levels across the country. Government incentive schemes, growing distributor & dealership network, rising online sales, and increasing affordability of electric two wheelers being provided by leading automobile manufacturers are some of the other key factors that would boost demand for electric two wheelers in India. Moreover, growing research & development activities are likely to result in a wide product portfolio for electric two wheelers, thereby positively influencing the country’s electric two wheeler market during the forecast period.
Some of the major companies operating in India electric two wheeler market are Hero Electric Vehicles Pvt. Ltd., Okinawa Autotech Pvt. Ltd., Electrotherm (India) Ltd., Lohia Auto Industries, Avon Cycles Ltd., Ampere Vehicles Pvt Ltd, Tunwal E-Bike India PVT. LTD, NDS Eco Motors Private Limited, Ather Energy Pvt. Ltd., Tork Motors Private Limited, etc. All these companies are well assisted by their key development teams and are strengthening their dealership network to boost their customer reach.

Program Overview:

The course has been introduced to fit in line with the growing trend within the Electric Two Wheeler market, to provide the skills needed to set up and achieve a broad spectrum of electric bikes along with an understanding of the specific standards and legal aspects that apply to them.
The course is suitable for those who are looking to stock and learn about e-bikes technology. From a mechanical perspective there is still a lot of hesitance towards working on an e-bike design and dynamics as although fundamentally it is the same as a regular bike, the motor and battery provide a new challenge.

Case Studies:

o Automotive Cooling
o Fuses and Lighting
o Hero-Electric Bike
o Super Bike
Through this program Candidates will have a good level of E-bike Design and dynamics knowledge on completing this course. This program will also give you broad knowledge of Battery Pack (Li-Ion /LFP), BMS-Battery Management System, Selection of Electric Motor, Controller (Motor Drive) and other Electrical system of bike. 

What you will learn:

 You will be learning Fundamental and history of Motorcycles.
 Tyre Dynamics for 2-Wheelers
 What is the Geometric Consideration for two Wheeler?
 Balance and Steering
 Bike Aerodynamics
 Suspension Principle
 Lithium Battery for E-Bike
 You will learn Battery Management System.
 You will learn how to select right motor and effective size for E-bike?
 How to select Motor Controller?
 How to Enhance Energy consumption from battery to controller?
 Structural Considerations & Frame Building
 Design and Simulation for Frame of E-bike
 Various Case Studies to clear your concept and prospective about E-bike

Special Offer for University/Institutions on Group Registrations. To know about discount offer, mail us on training.isie@imperialsociety.in

Program outcomes
  • Developing practical knowledge and skill on Motor, Controller, Battery Pack Design, and BMS.

  • Through this program Candidates will have a good level of E-bike Design and dynamics knowledge on completing this course.

  • You will be having a clear picture about E-bike Design and Development with clear vision and concept.

  • Concept of FEA/CFD using ANSYS.

  • Simulations in Electric Vehicle Industry.

  • Mobile/Laptop/Tablet with good internet connectivity.
  • Seeking Career Opportunity in E-Mobility
  • Interest in electric vehicles, telecom, solar, aerospace or consumer electronics applications.


  • 43 Lessons
  • 12:26:02 Hours
  • Basic Definitions & History 00:07:42
  • Components of E-Bike 00:21:48
  • Automotive cooling00:11:42
  • Fuses and lighting00:09:07
  • Hero E-Bike00:09:17
  • Performance E-Bike00:08:54
  • Introduction to Frame00:10:25
  • CAD Modelling of Frame00:55:00
  • Production processes00:06:09
  • Gear ratio for chain drive/belt00:22:00
  • Frame Analysis in ANSYS00:10:34
  • Verification & Validation00:15:00
  • Fatigue &Triangulation00:06:54
  • Tubular Frame00:07:38
  • Monocoque & structural Engine00:07:48
  • Welding, Distortion & Gussets00:14:00
  • Selection of Tubes for Chassis00:07:51
  • Motor and Controller Calculations01:14:00
  • Li-Ion Battery for EV (Parameter ) 00:30:00
  • Calculation for Battery ( Motor Selection, Voltage , WLTP, Capacity & Configuration)00:30:00
  • Sensors and Telemetry of Battery Pack00:32:00
  • Data Validation and Cooling System 00:30:00
  • BMS & Battery Pack Integration 00:40:00
  • Cell Balancing00:43:00
  • Basic Principles - Shock Absorber00:08:29
  • Front Suspension Design00:18:14
  • Rear suspension Design00:13:58
  • Drag & Lift with calculation 00:11:48
  • Airflow Simulation00:30:28
  • Dynamic Direction Stability 00:11:00
  • Gyroscopic Effects 00:15:36
  • Gyroscopic with steering force00:15:36
  • Basic Motorcycle Geometry00:11:48
  • Ergonomics00:09:05
  • E Bike Dynamics00:12:11
  • Concept Sketching00:12:00
  • Introduction to tyre 00:16:00
  • Tyre Construction 00:11:00
  • Tyre Forces00:09:00
  • Tyre Grip 00:12:00
  • Tyre Stiffness00:17:00
  • Mini Project : Analyse and Compare the performance parameters of different types of Batteries
  • Assessment 1

Program outcomes

  • Developing practical knowledge and skill on Motor, Controller, Battery Pack Design, and BMS.
  • Through this program Candidates will have a good level of E-bike Design and dynamics knowledge on completing this course.
  • You will be having a clear picture about E-bike Design and Development with clear vision and concept.
  • Concept of FEA/CFD using ANSYS.
  • Simulations in Electric Vehicle Industry.

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VIJAYANT BHARDWAJ - Wed, 24-Jun-2020

Teaching style is okkk. While you joining this course u will face many technical faults and trainer is just confused while they teach u. So I don't think it's worth to spend too much money at this cost because u will be frustrated as u will see their technical support.

TARUN CHOUDHARY - Sun, 07-Jun-2020

Teaching style is just okay While you join this course you face some (many ) technical problems related to video , and the trainer(teacher) is confused I can't understand his point

Khushant Sharma - Sun, 07-Jun-2020

Firstly i didn't like the way of teaching, the instructor seemed a little confused while teaching. A lot of technical faults arrived during the course. Looking at the fees they are taking and the content they are providing it was a total waste of money.

Kappiliyath Akhilsivadasan - Sat, 13-Jun-2020

Mr. ravi Sharma - Fri, 19-Jun-2020

I started this course 2 days back, I didnt found any technical fault. Nice teaching. Thanks for providing such course online, and can be accessible anytime.

saloni Gupta - Fri, 19-Jun-2020

I am student of Amity University. This kind of technical courses are not available at our college. ISIEINDIA is doing great work, providing this kind of job oriented course. helping us to learn innovative and latest technology.

Nigam - Wed, 24-Jun-2020

I think you have to prepared lecture in hindi-english mixture language. so that students can easily understand. Or if it is possible to have live interaction in between students or trainers .so that we interact at that time with trainer and clear doubts or any point that we don't understand

Navya Dahia - Sat, 26-Sep-2020

I have completed this program as my Summer Internship , in the starting lecture , i was not that much comfortable , but when i started practicing the things at home , star exploring on Google and other sources i found my interest and after completing the program i have good knowledge of Design , Analysis , Dynamics , Battery , BMS , Motor and other components . If someone say you design bike for any requirement ..i will be avail to do that.

Ritvik Dobhal - Sat, 26-Sep-2020

I'm EV Enthusiastic, Running a 2 wheeler showroom in Bhopal. I have also purchased program on some other platforms, but i will recommend isie EV training program , which is having broad concept learning , Case study , Research and Analysis, Mini project i have completed at my workshop . I highly recommend to people who really want to learn about the EV and Technology.

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